BT215 ~ Very Small Buttons (10 mm)

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BT215 - Very small buttons (10 mm)

A-Light blue, B-Light pink, C-Light Green, D-Yellow,
E-Bright Red, F-Orange, G-Light Purple, H - Brown
I - White, J - Dark Red, K - Coral, L - Bright Blue

Price: RM0.10 per piece
RM1.00 per pack (1 dozen same colour)
RM1.00 per pack mixed (all 12 COLOURS)

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Buttons are accessories that can help create remarkable effects to clothing besides serving its function of latching or fastening together clothing just like hooks and zippers. Making a good combination of buttons to the clothes can be quite tricky sometimes. The thickness and the texture of the fabric, the colour and the type of dress created have to be taken into consideration before selecting the appropriate buttons. Sometimes buttons too fancy can cause an overkill and spoil the whole look. The buttons at Button Planet come with many different varieties and colours, unique or common ones. Either to be functional or decorative, each button helps to create the desired look: classic, natural, professional, modern or fun.
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